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Newspapers in recycling centre

Where does recycling go?

Every fortnight when the recycling truck leaves your suburb, it heads towards the VISY recycling plant at Smithfield. There, they have a huge machine called a Materials Recovery Facility which uses both manual (people) and mechanical sorting techniques to separate all the different types of recyclables. From here they are sold to reprocessing facilities to be made into new products. Recycling placed in plastic bags, however, will not be recycled. This is why it is so important to place recycling loose into your recycling bin!

For more information about VISY and how they separate and arrange for the reprocessing of all your recycling, visit Visy.

Why care about recycling properly?

Knowing how to recycle properly is an important skill that everyone should learn. Items that are incorrectly discarded in recycling bins can contaminate everything else in the bin. This can cause your recycling efforts to go to waste.

There is more to recycling than tossing your bottles or cans into the yellow lidded recycling bin, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

How is the recycling treated? Why care?

Did you ever wonder what happens to the objects that you toss into recycling bins? Here’s a look at how glass, plastic, aluminium and paper are recycled.





E-waste in landfill

E-waste information

E-waste is electronic waste, such as computer parts, TV’s, microwaves,stereo equipment, DVD and CD players, photocopiers and mobile phones. E-waste is harmful to the environment because it is left untreated with non-biodegradable toxic substances in landfills. If you have unwanted e-waste, these items can be recycled. Free drop-off days are scheduled four times throughout the year when local residents can take their electronic materials to the Council’s Depot and actively contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating health hazards. To find out the next e-waste drop-off date, call Holroyd City Council's Customer Service on 9840 9840.

See the Government Legislation and Regulations for more information.

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What can be recycled?

You should never put these into your yellow-lidded recycling bin:

  • food
  • plastic bags
  • lawn clippings and other garden waste
  • clothes/fabric
  • syringes
  • polystyrene foam

You can always place these items into your yellow-lidded recycling bin:

  • plastic bottles and containers
  • cardboard boxes and cartons (please flatten them to make more roomin your bin)
  • paper – every type you can imagine!
  • cans – aluminium, steel & empty aerosols
  • glass bottles and jars

"What can I do with...? illustrated landscape"

What can I do with... ?

A useful tool to work out the best way to dispose of residential waste and or unwanted goods

E-waste what’s accepted and when

These e-waste items are accepted at the Holroyd City Council drop-off service for e-cycling!

  • Computer monitors
  • Computer hard drives
  • Keyboards & mouses
  • Computer cables
  • Printers and fax machines
  • Laptops/notebooks
  • VCR, DVD and CD players
  • Photocopiers and scanners
  • Mobile phones
  • Telephones and switchboards
  • Televisions
  • Microwaves
  • Leads and cables
  • Computer game consoles
  • Stereo equipment
  • Projectors
  • Irons

What's not accepted?

White goods such as fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers. Offer applies to households only. No commercial e-waste is accepted.

There is also a free national community service called Drop Zone where you can drop off your old televisions, computers and computer parts from your home or small business for free recycling.