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Bin collection times - why that time of day?

Bins are collected early in the morning. The reason for this is that the roads are quieter and we can avoid causing traffic and safety issues, especially around schools and main roads.

Domestic waste charge – what is it for?

The Domestic Waste Charge (DWC) is used to cover the cost of your waste's treatment and disposal. It also covers the cost of recycling your materials and your general clean-up collection. For the 2015/2016 FY, the charge is $447.10. This charge is itemised on your annual rates notice from Council.

Why care about waste generation and reduction?

The quick answer is, - to protect our environment! Almost everything we consume in our society has, at some stage, come from the environment that we live in. As our population expands, the environment is under lots of pressure to meet the demands of our growing society – that is, it is struggling to keep up with all the food we eat, and the products we keep buying!

Holroyd City Council garbage truck

How is the waste treated and why care?

Every week when Council’s garbage truck leaves your suburb, it heads to the Eastern Creek Resource Recovery Park. Here, the rubbish is directed to the UR-3R for sorting/treatment. Residual waste (waste that can't be recycled or composted) from the UR-3R process is then disposed of into landfill. A landfill is basically a big hole in the ground (the fancy word for each hole is a ‘cell’), which is highly engineered to minimise the environmental impact of the waste that is buried there. Up until a few years ago...

Green waste

Why don’t we have a green waste bin?

This is a question we get asked a lot, so we thought we'd better set the record straight! For now, Council will not be introducing a separate bin (in the former Holroyd area) for green waste recovery because the UR-3R (AWT) facility - where all material in our garbage bins is processed, - ensures the recovery of these green/organic resources. In fact, it requires the quantity of green waste offered by our Council in order to operate more efficiently. To introduce a new green collection system would be costly to Council, (and ultimately our ratepayers!), whereas the existing processing arrangement will allow for the removal of these resources and conversion into compost, without burdening residents with additional truck movements and expenses. It should be stated, however, that as future disposal arrangements are negotiated and new technology emerges this situation may change – we will just have to wait and see!

For more information about the UR-3R facility, and how it removes green/organic resources from the waste stream, visit this website.

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What can I do with...? illustrated landscape

The“What can I do with...?”section will be able to help you with how to dispose or recycle these items correctly.

Main things not to go in the garbage bin

Most small items generated as waste in your home can go in the red-lidded bin, but there are some things that should definitely be left out! Here are some of the main ones:
  • Needles/syringes
  • Batteries
  • Building materials
  • Medical waste
  • Oil, paint & chemicals
  • Rocks & tree stumps