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Illegal dumping – penalties and costs

Illegal dumping is any placement of waste material on the Council nature strip, or other public land. It is a practice that pollutes the environment, poses a safety risk to the community and detracts from the general appearance of the street. Unauthorised and/or unlicensed dumping of material on private property is also illegal and subject to penalties under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

A person who dumps rubbish on private land or in a public place is guilty of an offence under the Act. This offence carries a maximum penalty of $750 for individuals and $1500 for corporations. Council is a member of the Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Squad and, as such, has a RID Squad Officer dedicated to the investigation of illegal dumping incidents.

The only time it is acceptable to place unwanted items on the Council nature strip is during an allocated Council Clean Up.

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Ways to report illegal dumping

Living in an area with illegal dumping doesn’t do much to lift our spirits. Apart from being illegal, it makes our streets look ugly, our parks uninviting and damages our environment. No one likes to live like that! But you can help by keeping an eye out for illegal dumpers.

Ring Holroyd City Council on 9840 9840 if:

  • you see someone dumping illegally (gather any evidence that may assist us with our investigation, e.g. licence plate numbers)
  • you want to report some rubbish dumped in your street
  • you are in between allocated clean ups and require assistance with removal of unwanted items.

Extra clean-up costs

If you have clean-up material to dispose of and are unable to wait until your next scheduled clean up then Holroyd City Council also offers residents an additional clean up service. This service costs $64.80 (incl. GST). If you would like more information regarding this service, visit Council's website.