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City affected by climate change

Climate change

One of the biggest environmental issues of the last few decades is global climate change. It’s a big issue because much of what we do and how we live depends on the climate, and also because of the potential harm and suffering that a changing climate can bring to us and our environment.

When talking about climate change, there are arguments about how much it is changing, how much is due to human activities, what the effects of these changes will be, and even whether the climate is changing at all! First, it’s important to differentiate between the weather and climate...

Solar electricity cells

Energy and water

Energy savings is a very important topic at the moment, as our energy consumption increases the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, it can increase 'peak energy demand', and as energy prices increase, so do our energy bills.

There are many things that can be done to reduce energy consumption at home or in your business, and a lot of them are free. Just by changing the way you use power and identifying where and when electricity or gas is being wasted, you can reduce your electricity bill. If you would like tips on how to make your home more energy efficient, you can go to any of the three Holroyd City Council libraries and borrow a Home Power Saving Kit for free. This will give you the tools and instructions on how minor changes can improve the energy efficiency of your home.


What Council does

Energy Savings

When Holroyd City Council first started analysing its electricity usage, we found that the air conditioning was being left on longer than it needed to be and some windows were open during the day. By altering the operating times of the air conditioning system and making sure all the windows in the administration building were shut, we reduced our carbon footprint and electricity bills, and improved the operation of the air conditioning system.

We also reviewed our sites and determined where it was most suitable to install systems. The suitability of sites depended on a number of factors such the orientation...