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Does my recycling really get recycled? - Yes! Items that can be recycled, will be.

Can I put plastic bags in my recycling bin? - NO! Keep plastic bags out of the recycling bin. This includes plastic bags full of recyclable items. Place the recyclable items loose into your recycling bin. No bags please!

Why don’t I have a green waste bin? - Simply put, you don’t need one at the moment! The UR-3R facility where our waste is processed is able to remove the green waste from the general waste bins and convert it to compost.

What government rebates are available to me? - There are no government rebates currently offered for water or energy savings. If you are thinking of installing an energy-efficient or water-efficient appliance, visit NSW Environment for more advice.

What types of worms are used for worm farms? - Red or Tiger worms are commonly used. They can eat half their bodyweight in food scraps every day!

Who should I ring if I forgot to put my bin out? - These things happen sometimes! If you really can’t wait for the next pick-up, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate! For your general waste (red-lidded bin), call Council on 9840 9840. For your recycling (yellow-lidded bin), call JJ Richards & Sons on 9677 0024.

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Community Garden

Community gardens

Community gardens are good for you! They are a great place to grow your own vegetables and to meet new people. They are perfect for people who do not have a backyard, who like to grow their own veggies or for those that are just happy to water some plants, have a chat and maybe turn over a compost heap now and again! The gardens are established for local residents and there is usually a small joining fee to become a member of the garden.  Wentworthville Community garden is an established garden located at Lytton Street Park, Wentworthville. There is also a new community garden in Byron Park, Merrylands. To get involved or find out more, contact the Community Development Team on 9840 9840.

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The young and social change

 ouncil's Children's Services operate with the aim to develop environmental sustainability awareness with educators, staff, children and their parents. They actively work towards saving water and energy, minimising waste and preserving the environment. Find out more about their Environmental Sustainability Policy 

Learn how other young people are becoming environmental leaders and creating social change.

Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Oz Green