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Legionella bacteria


The main risk associated with air handling and water cooling systems is the spread of Legionnaires’ disease. Legionnaires’ disease is a pneumonic illness which often requires hospitalisation. Symptoms may include high fever, cough, chills, headaches, muscle pain and mental confusion.

Managing your food

We don’t often think that keeping our food safe has much to do with the environment but food safety is considered part of environmental and public health. It’s especially important for food businesses and making sure they uphold food safety standards so that we, as consumers can enjoy a bought lunch or go out for dinner without worrying about getting ill. This section is particularly useful for food businesses.

Skin Penetration Industry

Skin penetration procedures includes tattooing, ear piercing, hair removal, body piercing, waxing/electrolysis, semi-permanent make-up, any other beauty treatment which involves the deliberate penetration of and/or removal of skin, colonic lavage and Dry Needle Therapy.

Free online training for food businesses – I’m Alert

Holroyd City Council now provides free online food safety training! This program is great for business owners and employees to complete as part of their education in safe practices. ‘I’m Alert’ covers a wide range of food safety issues. Once completed, you will receive a certificate that you can keep for your own records. The course is available in English and Cantonese.

This program will assist the compulsory Food Safety Supervisor training required to be completed by each business.

Complete the I’m Alert Training