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Welcome to the Environmental Headquarters!

The information on this website refers to the former Holroyd Local Government Area. If you are a resident from the former Auburn City and Parramatta City you can visit the Former Auburn City Council Site and Former Parramatta City Council Site for information about existing services. Here you will find ways to reduce waste and dispose of your waste lawfully, as well as learn a thing or two about how this affects our environment. Waste is a big deal when it comes to our environment. It’s not just about finding the space to put it all, but is also about dealing with the contamination of land and the creation of more greenhouse gases from all the waste that goes into landfill. You will also find other useful information about our environment, how it’s connected to public health and pollution, and what it means to live sustainably.

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This is how much we recycled in the last quarter

  • Recycling bin
    Tonnes of waste recycled
  • Landfill space
    Cubic metres of landfill space saved
  • Cars
    Cars permanently off the road
  • Households
    Households’ annual energy requirements saved
  • Swimming pools
    Swimming pools of water saved
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What can I do with...?

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So you have an item you want to dispose of but not sure where it goes? This section identifies where these items can be placed. Keep in mind that this section relates to Holroyd City, so if you are visiting the website from outside this area, you will need to check with your local council about their waste services.

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Illegal dumping

Placing unwanted items or rubbish on the nature strip or other public land without being allocated a Council Clean Up, is called illegal dumping. Find out why.

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Ask Roy

Roy, Holroyd City Council's Environmental Headquarters mascot

Say hi to Roy. He is your friendly waste and recycling expert. This guy really knows his stuff! He can help answer your questions about what to do with your waste and recycling. Ask him a question.